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Hope Floats, especially while connected with Nature…

Yes, this is me floating along when I can feel safe to be in my natural state of mind.  I don’t know about everyone else, but our modern human-story life can really take up more space in my head that I can handle.  This is why I strive to learn that ultimate balance of both minds – my modern human mind and natural mind…it seems we have tipped over into ourselves more than nature intended, don’t you agree?

The beginning of the journey was inspired by Michael Cohen – and eventually led to me moving from SE Florida all the way across the country to San Juan Island , WA.  This journey led to the first edition of Natural Self Discovery (now being edited with an added recovery journal, Natural Self Discovery in time for Earth Day 2018).  Mike Cohen, healthy and active on the island here as a humble 87 year old Ambassador of Nature – is my direct mentor, and has a very unique approach to reconnecting with Nature: here is his informal online school (of which I am finishing up my degree with this amazing group), Project NatureConnect.

So, Hope Floats came about to support that blissful state of being – a  healthier escape hatch.  I needed a healthier one, honestly, because the other stuff that our culture has made for escaping just simple stopped working, or was so temporary – left me feeling emptier.

This work also led to me opening up to the possibilities when I simply let life carry me, begin to accept myself, others, and life just as it is – maybe begin to trust the flow like a light feather on the water.

I hope you enjoy Hope Floats as inspiration for you to escape a little.  Love, -pH

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