Galaxy Guardians Art Series Inspiring Positive Action and Hope

Greetings fellow Earth travelers!

I finally did it!  I created the Galaxy Guardians Series as my inspiration for an amazing 2018 Earth Day, and every day moving forward, to simply begin being a part of the solution by reconnecting consciously to Nature and sensing the oneness, creative intelligence, and experience Nature as LOVE.  Who connects with this concept?  Let’s go for it, and embrace the Natural World as our Teacher, Leader, and source of Love.

Why this name? Not about the movie series…(unless that helps you sense Nature)

Galaxy – as our reminder of how much larger life is, helping to take our minds out of the day to day challenges to simply ask “How Important is this?” …while realizing we are part of the whole of our Galaxy.  Guardians  – as in helping us feel empowered to be our natural selves, embracing our natural creative intelligence without fear of criticisms.  Helping us feel safe to love ourselves as we are, and, to never be timid about taking a stand for our lives, which is taking a stand  for Nature, Earth, our survival.  The friendly characters in this series, real, yet humanistic qualities to help us feel comfortable and see their souls – feel and sense Nature safely in a very deeply emotional, physical and even spiritual sense.

Yes I love the movie series, Guardians of the Galaxy, yet I also love Avatar and The Matrix. I have always named my art around my direct sensory experiences…and when I finally saw exactly how to create this series, the Galaxy unified me with my deep connection to the animal spirits I love, respect, and hold dearly as my own personal Guardians. It simply clicked this way for me, my hope is that it will for others.

The stigmas that we have to be living in the woods, growing dreadlocks, or all the other “tree-hugger” names and demeaning, shaming tactics are gone. They no longer have to dominate our cultural mindset.  Not only are they outdated, they are definitely no longer serving us well as a species, let alone serving our life source, Earth. The sicker we get, the sicker Earth gets. The sicker Earth gets, the sicker we get.  Once we grasp this deal as a symbiotic relationship, and grasp that every breath of air, every drop of water IS Nature issuing us love…hmmm.  Seems like it has become a one-sided relationship to me – many could perhaps relate to that scenario?

Earth is still issuing us love, and climate change is merely Earth balancing itself… preserving itself to preserve life.  Just like we are instructed on an airplane to place the oxygen mask on ourselves first before we attend to our children (because they need their parents to actually be alive to help them stay.alive) , Earth is merely preserving itself because without Earth, we die, period.  We could call this new balanced thinking as maturing as a species, yet it is essentially survival basics.  It is our next frontier.  The point of my art series is to introduce Nature as our primal love source – so that we are passionately connected to it on all levels physical sensory survival, emotional and spiritual. The real change can begin when we begin to no longer fear changing our thinking around our own personal relationship with Earth, and embrace our natural creative intelligence that we, and all natural beings have.  The only thing that separates us from all other natural beings is that we can make up stories – and these modern life stories, my friends, have become extremely imbalanced and have separated us from our natural senses, feelings of oneness, and from our loving relationship with our life source, Earth. We have a gaping hole in our hearts that we try to fill with superficial, short term solutions.  Well, Earth is telling us to cut it out!

Loving Nature in this era is plain and simple intelligent, and is loving ourselves first so we are able to love others. If you claim to love Nature, you are essentially claiming that you love Life.  We could essentially call that being “pro-life, because Nature is why we get to exist.  This is intelligence, sanity, to want to live.  Now we simply get to re-claim that long lost love, that deep relationship with our life source, and balance that part of our natural thinking, with our modern thinking.  Author Richard Louv calls it “hybrid” minds in his book “The Nature Principle.”   Like “hybrid” cars, now our thinking and feeling.  It has never been more “IN” to love Nature.  So go for it!  Galaxy Guardians are portraits of natural beings cheering you on, and saying, yes, you can safely love Nature, and be your natural self without ridicule. Loving Nature is in fashion, is sensual, is living a loving, more peaceful and purposeful life…because, well, we love LIFE!  Our species very much is relying upon each of us to love ourselves enough to protect our life source.  Sanity.

It is time to feel safe to shine our Natural Creative Intelligence…and loving Nature is loving ourselves enough to care for Nature.

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And yes, I need your support to keep this Art for Positive Climate Action Project going.  Please grace your world with one of the first of these inspirational characters as your personal guardians by adopting them through one of the three ways:

Unique, Hand Embellished, Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Canvas Prints for $75,

or signed Prints on 11×14 board for #20.  Simply click on one of the images below.

Galaxy Guardians No. 1, Sea Turtles Signed Print on 11×14 Matte

Galaxy Guardians No. 1, Sea Turtles 12×24 Limited Edition Canvas Print (50)



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Galaxy Guardians No. 2, Sea Turtles. 24″x48″ Original Oil on Canvas. Ready to Hang on 2″ Gallery Stretchers painted all around. $4,000.

Galaxy Guardians No. 2, Octopus Venus. Original Oil on Canvas, Framed. #3,000

And, please share the word, that I am actively seeking partner organization/sponsor/curator/collector to support this endeavor  by becoming the proud owner of the Original Paintings!  Either No. 1, or No. 2, and any subsequent works.  (I am already sketching up the next 12).  Ideally, they could be available for exhibits, yet the most critical part is this project receives the support it needs from a devoted Art and Nature Supporter.


Thank you!

Galaxy Guardians No. 1, Sea Turtles

Galaxy Guardians No. 2, Octopus Venus


Please see my videos below, please share to help me find the tribe that “gets” what this project is all about!

These representatives as Galaxy Guardians, are nature’s spirits here to inspire you, to guard you – to help you safely stand for your life, love nature and be your natural self freely without criticism,…to sense nature as your life source, feel its support as love through each breath, each drop of water, and each enchanting, connecting moment on Earth while you get to be here.  Imagine learning to recover your natural state of loving your life source, and have the ability to reconnect with your natural relationship with nature, and allow it to support you to fully live and share it as LOVE – creatively intelligent love.

All the years of my work in nature art, design, and research in reconnecting with nature led to my latest discovery of how all could be pulled together to inspire others toward a more authentic, personal, natural balance for a more fulfilling life experience – and, yes, fully sensing nature, our Earth, as our ultimate source of love, life, and contentment.  I hope you enjoy, embrace this inspiration that it IS “IN” to LOVE NATURE!  Loving Nature IS Intelligent, Sensible, and Sane behavior:)

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Love, and Happy Earth Day, 2018, -pH

Galaxy Guardians No. 2, Octopus Venus 12×20 Limited Edition Canvas Print

Galaxy Guardians No. 2, Octopus Venus Signed Print on 11×14 Matte





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