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As she emerges into her mid-career, Pamela Hoke’s focus remains on expressing the beauty of sensory intelligent experiences with Nature through a uniquely contemporary, surreal, sensual style.  Her bold portraits express moments directly sensed from nature.  She strives to inspire others to begin a journey of a deeper connection with Nature, and honor their natural selves, through her own recovery journey of connecting with natural attractions, and sensory experiences in Nature and during the art creating process. “To me, Nature and Art are the path toward a more balanced intelligence, because both omit words, and open up the emotional intelligences modern humanity has forgotten, or dismisses.”  She senses Nature, and her natural attractions as unconditional love, and expresses through her art, and contagious creative approach to life. She is best known for her potent, magnified, paintings and drawings, full of deep crevasses and contrasts, with sensual, flowing strokes. Whether she is drawing by pen, painting with watercolors, oils, or acrylics, she pours her love for nature as her ultimate life source, her muse, into each stroke. Her adventurous spirit transcends into her unconventional techniques regarding color, composition of subjects, and her use of her tools and mediums. Her zesty spirit and risk taking in her art, and her way of life, subsequently leads her viewers, students and collectors finding themselves in an inspiring adventure of infinite visual and subconscious possibilities.  In her continued natural-self recovery process, she recently shifted her painting medium towards mixing her own paints with natural earth paint pigments.  This has opened up an entirely new phase of development in her lifetime career in the creative arts.   “I am thrilled to now have what I would call an exciting adventure which allows me to shift mediums as I need, a the earth pigments can be mixed with any medium – so my color bases are always there for my moods and subjects – whether they are calling me to express them with walnut oil, a non-toxic acrylic base, or gum arabic for watercolors.  This is simply a blast, and a freedom in painting that is also healthier for my body, my mental health, because it helps me work toward more respect for earth, and hopefully, inspire others to experience the benefits of nature-conscious art.”

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“To me, knowing Nature is knowing love.  I sense my primary purpose during my walk on this planet is to simply share Nature’s Creative, Intelligent Love as a solution through my art, writing and various educational adventures. I believe that a large part of the solution to today’s dilemmas is that we as humans individually embrace our next phase of development and maturity as a species by effectively learning how to balance our Natural Minds with our Modern Minds.”

A graduate of Ohio State University in 1991, with a Fine Art and Marketing Journalism Individualized degree, Hoke’s art career began quickly with several immediate gallery representations in Ohio, and over 5 years corporate presentation work with the pioneers of retail branding, The Limited and Victoria’s Secret Stores. She then spent 16 years in Southeast Florida, serving as a Key West Mallory Square Artist, devoted member of the The Arts Council of Martin County, spent 5 years as a high school Art Teacher, and launched an extension of her design business since 1992, with online branding, inVision Brand Pursuit.  She has managed to balance her creative talents and professionalism in unique ways that allow her to have a strong voice for the arts and nature, while stay bonded with her natural self as artist, mother, wife, and active community service member.

Since 2011, she has been working on her art series expressing her personal experiences recovering her bond with Nature through…

  • completing her doctoral research in Organic Psychology/Applied Ecopsychology through Project NatureConnect/Portland State University/Akamai University, and under the direct mentorship of school Founder, Dr. Michael J. Cohen.
  • transitioning with her family on San Juan Island, Washington, all the way from Stuart, Florida after a visit to meet Dr. Cohen and a two-year summer gallery residency at Ferry Landing Suites.
  • revising her book, Natural Self Discovery and creating accompanying journal workbook, Natural Self Recovery
  • assisting her Ecotherapy mentor, Dr. Michael Cohen in transitioning his lifetime of research into updated online branding strategy.
  • creating an online learning platform to help others increase their conscious contact with Nature (TNC, The Nature Connection).

Art Site:  www.PamelaHoke.com |  Organic Brand Design Site:  www.inVisonBP.com | Social Media:  www.FACEBOOK.com/PamelaHoke | www.TWITTER.com/PamelaHoke | www.LinkedIn.com/in/PamHoke |  Store:  www.mkt.com/PamelaHoke | Portfolio:  www.Behance.com/PamelaHoke

E-mail |  pam (at)  pamelahoke.com   |   P.O. Box 1213 Friday Harbor, WA 98250