Galaxy Guardians No. 2, Meet Lovely Venus the Octopus

Galaxy Guardians, climate action art, nature recovery, pamela hoke, nature artist, original art, earth day

Can’t help but think of Stevie Wonder singing “Isn’t she lovely…” Meet Venus, your second guardian to help you feel supported, nurtured, and yes, intelligently empowered to safely re-claim your innate, creatively intelligent, love relationship with Nature.  Upon identifying traits of the octopus, this species exhibits many qualities we all aim for, in particular intelligence, […]

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Limited Spots to order a Custom Holiday Pet Portrait, and with a Fundraising Match Discount

Greetings!   Wow, so much has happened since I last posted, yet want to get right to the excitement of me getting back to my yearly holiday elf-work.   Each year, I try to offer a special gift-giving opportunity through custom art.  This year, I am offering a limited amount of pet portraits (I estimate […]

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Finding peace amidst chaos in the “Cozy Nest”

So, I am trying to write more often. It takes time, and yes, courage – at least for me it does, because I desire to share meaningful words that provide something to you for your precious moments. My natural-self recovery process has been full of twists and turns, and full of “stories.” “Stories” as in […]

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