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"My mission is simple: To share through my art, design, nature activities and stories as inspiration to others to re-claim their inner Nature…their inner love for Nature. We don’t have to look far to know it is very clear we have lost our natural intelligences purely from what is going on around us and the growing discontent with our destructive, chaotic, and addictive behaviors.  From my personal experience, I have learned that is due to us not fully loving our natural selves. If we truly loved ourselves, why would we hurt our life source, ourselves and others? Once I began the journey of natural self discovery, embrace that inner love as an intelligence through my natural senses, I slowly have been able to find ways fill that void, that "something is missing" or "never enough" feeling.  By opening my consciousness to learn to think, act, and feel like Nature, to sense harmony with it, my ability to love myself, others, and the Earth has increased, and so has my sense of self-fulfillment . This has brought forth amazing results in my artwork, designs, relationships, and creating a more peaceful life beyond my wildest dreams.  I hope to share this experience with others."


Pam signEagleAs I emerge into a midcareer as an artist of Nature, teacher of Organic Psychology, and Organic brand specialist, I continue to be amazed that by opening my conscious to Nature, I learn more an more and feel authentic growth within.   I am so driven to share this with you, the world over the coming years.  Perhaps the new cancer healing series "Up Close and Personal with Nature,"  re-publishing of my book, Natural Self Discovery" to become a workbook this year, and the completion of my PhD in Organic Psychology, shall begin the planting of seeds.  The seed, to me, is this:  Knowing Nature IS knowing Love.  Period.


I hope you enjoy my potent, magnified paintings and drawings, full of deep crevasses and contrasts, with strong, determined, yet flowing strokes. I use all mediums I can get my hands on, however simple pen drawings, painting with watercolors, oils, or acrylics, help me express love for nature as my ultimate life source, my muse. My adventurous, wild spirit transcends into  unconventional techniques regarding color, composition of subjects, and how I use the mediums and tools.  This also carries into my writing and approach to helping other like-minded souls to channel their missions out there through my book and brand consulting.  I wish to simply convey a zest for life, that Nature is our ulitmate Life Source, and inspire a respect and reverence for Nature through my art, and my approach to life.  Perhaps you share with me that "something is missing" in our current cultures and ways of thinking.  Perhaps you simply like the way I paint or draw Nature.  Maybe you are an entrprenuer or teacher of creating a shift in humanity's current thinking models.  Either way, I hope you will stay in contact with me, or embrace my art, my book and courses, or indulge in my organic approach to branding.


ph paintbanner6A graduate of Ohio State University in 1991, with a Fine Art and Marketing Individualized degree, Hoke's art career began quickly with several immediate gallery representations in Ohio, and over 5 years corporate presentation work with the pioneers of retail branding, The Limited and Victoria's Secret Stores. She then spent 16 years in Southeast Florida, serving as a Key West Mallory Square Artist, devoted member of the The Arts Council of Martin County, spent 5 years as a high school Art Teacher, and launched an extension of her design business since 1992, with online branding, inVision Brand Pursuit, with her life partner, husband of 23 years, Tim Hoke. She has managed to balance her creative talents and professionalism in unique ways that allow her to have a strong voice for the arts and nature, while stay bonded with her natural self as artist, mother, wife, and active community service member.

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My hope is that I provide a glimpse into a life with more serenity and fulfillment as I have learned directly from restoring my relationship with Nature. This may be through my magnified, surreal, almost exaggerated wonderland-like nature experiences in my art, through my detailed, organic approach to brand design, or through my courses and workshops based on my personal journey and doctorate research in my book: Natural Self Discovery - A creative journey to sanity in an increasingly insane world. If I inspire even one person to find a more purposeful, meaningful life through a deeper emotional connection with nature, I have done my job during my time on this earth.

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I merely offer you Nature's love and light through my art, design work nature stories and upcoming San Juan Island, WA retreats. I truly hope something inspires you. If so, please do not hesitate to contact me with your thoughts, follow me online at FACEBOOK, TWITTER, or LinkedIn, sign up for my newsletter: "Nature as Muse", Contact me directly, or buy my art (the ultimate showing of love to me).

In Nature's Creative Love and Wisdom, PH

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