As she emerges into her midcareer, Pamela Hoke's focus remains on inspiring others to honor their natural selves, through her own process of connecting with her natural attractions as unconditional love, through her art, and contagious creative approach to life. She is best known for her potent, magnified paintings and drawings, full of deep crevasses and contrasts, with strong, determined, yet flowing strokes. Whether she is drawing by pen, painting with watercolors, oils, or acrylics, she pours her love for nature as her ultimate life source, her muse, into each stroke. Her adventurous spirit transcends into her unconventional techniques regarding color, composition of subjects, and her use of her tools and mediums. Her zesty spirit and risk taking in her art, and her way of life, subsequently leads her viewers, students and collectors finding themselves in an inspiring adventure of infinite visual and subconscious possibilities.
A graduate of Ohio State University in 1991, with a Fine Art and Marketing Journalism Individualized degree, Hoke's art career began quickly with several immediate gallery representations in Ohio, and over 5 years corporate presentation work with the pioneers of retail branding, The Limited and Victoria's Secret Stores. She then spent 16 years in Southeast Florida, serving as a Key West Mallory Square Artist, devoted member of the The Arts Council of Martin County, spent 5 years as a high school Art Teacher, and launched an extension of her design business since 1992, with online branding, inVision Brand Pursuit, with her life partner, husband of 23 years, Tim Hoke. She has managed to balance her creative talents and
professionalism in unique ways that allow her to have a strong voice for the arts and nature, while stay bonded with her natural self as artist, mother, wife, and active community service member.

My mission is simple: To share through my art, design, nature activities and stories as inspiration to others to re-claim their inner Nature…their inner love for Nature. We don’t have to look far to know it is very clear we are not loving Nature very much, and from my personal experience, I have learned that is due to us not fully loving ourselves. If we truly loved ourselves, why would we hurt our life source? This doesn’t make much sense if you ask me. Once I recovered that inner love, filled the void through Natural Attraction Ecology studies, I increased my ability to love myself, others, and Earth more. This has brought forth amazing results in my artwork, designs, relationships, and creating a more peaceful life beyond my wildest dreams.

My hope is that I provide a glimpse into a life with more serenity and fulfillment as I have learned directly from restoring my relationship with Nature. This may be through my magnified, surreal, almost exaggerated wonderland-like nature experiences in my art, through my detailed, organic approach to brand design, or through my courses and workshops based on my personal journey and doctorate research in my book: Natural Self Discovery - A creative journey to sanity in an increasingly insane world. If I inspire even one person to find a more purposeful, meaningful life through a deeper emotional connection with nature, I have done my job during my time on this earth.

I merely offer you Nature's love and light through my art, design work nature stories and upcoming San Juan Island, WA retreats. I truly hope something inspires you. If so, please do not hesitate to contact me with your thoughts, follow me online at FACEBOOK, TWITTER, or LinkedIn, sign up for my newsletter: "Nature as Muse", Contact me directly, or buy my art (the ultimate showing of love to me).

In Nature's Creative Love and Wisdom, PH

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