Galaxy Guardian No. 5, Scarlet J50 Original

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“Galaxy Guardian No. 5, Scarlet J50″  24″ x 36″ x 2” Original Oil on Canvas.   After Orca calf J50, part of JPod of the Puget Sound, turned up missing, my heart weeped.  So what do I do when this happens?  I turn to creating, I turn to the action I can take, and with the Galaxy Guardian series standing for hope of oneness, of balance, of becoming part of the solution rather than contributing to the problem…I found myself healing as I poured my weeping heart into portraying Scarlet forever swimming with plenty of salmon.  Her sweet, innocent eyes, a slight grin…and the textured action and swirl of the waters and our cosmos.  This is the theme of how she is another of our guardians, to inspire a shift of mindset – to begin moving toward a “hybrid mind” to quote Richard Louv, author of “Vitamin N,” “The Nature Principle,” and “Last Child of the Woods.”

I plan to contribute to an organization that is aligned with the Orca/Salmon Alliance, in order to stand for the message of balance…where we only take our share as a species, where we learn to respect that we are fully connected to all species, and that there are consequences for our imbalanced thinking – where we believe that our earth is infinite…it is designed to be infinite only if we are responsible with our choices and work to adapt for our survival, which is fully reliant on the survival of all species…including Orcas, Salmon, all of our ocean life.