Galaxy Guardians No. 2, Octopus Venus

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Derived from one of many dreams I have had for years, Galaxy Guardians is a series of paintings where I strive to share an important message and embrace our oneness with Nature.  Above is a virtual tour of this magnificent work staged on my new terrace top studio and gallery overlooking the ferry landing in quaint Friday Harbor, WA, on San Juan Island.  Below is a video presentation of this series with me completing this potent work and summarizing the series.

“Galaxy Guardians 1, Sea Turtles” 24″x48″ Oil on Canvas happened first, well, because Sea Turtles were here first (literally, 150 million years as the oldest species on our planet).  This series is the manifestation of expressing my dreams, along with a leap into new frontiers of texture and more of my “dusting” techniques with Natural Earth Paint and Walnut Oil.

Then, here comes the sensually, smart Venus – inspired by the Octopus Rescue and Release program at Seattle Aquarium.  The octopus shows us, teaches us intelligence, creative problem solving, and nothing can match their love as mothers (they die for their children..literally).  She emerged so beautifully and elegantly into my dreams – and smoothly.  She can  show us how to gracefully be Earth ambassadors, love ourselves as our natural selves, and find creative solutions to balance.  She is also titled Venus as she is a “she” – and inspired by Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, only Mars is in this piece (No. 1 has both Mars and Venus).  I see our gender as fully able to balance each other out – and this work strives to inspire this also.  That we can value what each brings to the solution – yet be EQUAL in the solution:)

These are the first of a series to express my passionate concern for helping in a solution to our modern human troubles…emotional, physical and spiritual.  To me, the missing link, the next frontier, for modern humanity is to re-claim our innate, personal relationship with #Nature.  I have been striving through research in my art, writing the book Natural Self Discovery (a winning Kickstarter Campaign), and my own turbulent, yet incredible journey of my own to discover my Natural Self.  The book is now in re-editing process for  2nd edition, to launch this month.

This work is being made available as the seed project to the individual who it speaks to the most.  The initial price of this work is to assist in helping the rest of the series to become a reality, and help strengthen the most important message of modern humanity’s time: to re-connect with Nature on all levels (emotional, physical and spiritual), so that we can create the real change that we have been talking about, yet just can’t seem to fully live it.  Thank you.

NOTE:  Ideally we become partners with this energy shifting piece should exhibit opportunities arise, yet that can be discussed.   Feel free to call me 772-919-2244, e-mail pam  You are invited to come to on out to San Juan Island, WA if you would like, also! Let’s do this as part of a tangible, inspiring action solution! Thank you for your support!   The originals in this series are textured, and glistening with metallic gold earth paint dusting, and take the images along beyond visual sensory experience.

To ensure direct sensory experiences, I choose to share these artworks, yet in very limited quantities.  Only a few Limited Edition Prints will be made, always numbered, and smaller that the original.  All my original collectors know this, and embrace how I share, without over-saturation.

Only small sizes of  digital prints for limited time periods will be made available, so they are accessible to all income levels to enjoy this form of reconnecting with Nature.

I am excited to see who ends up bringing Venus into heart and home, as you are becoming a part of something much larger far beyond a fabulous art investment – you are embracing and becoming part of a voice for Nature.  Thank you!   Also, I also offer free and fully insured shipping.  Cheers!

In Nature’s Creative, Intelligence Love, -pH




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