“Gingko Love” Original Oil on Wood

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“Gingko Love” 48″x20″ Original Oil on Wood, Upcycled Wood. Mettalic Gold Accents with Natural Earth Paints with Walnut Oil.


Gingko Love” 48″x20″ Original Oil on Wood, Upcycled Wood Frame.  Embellished with Metallic Gold Earth Paint.

The Gingko, my favorite tree, and theme of my nature therapy research book, “Natural Self Discovery.” Goethe wrote a lovely poem about the Gingko tree, relating to love, the oneness.  I aim to deepen my oneness with my love relationship with Nature, and it’s healing, creatively intelligent and life giving power. This piece is soon to be the new cover for my revised edition of my book’ Natural Self Discovery (on Amazon).


I invite you to enjoy this stunning piece, and join me on my Nature Connecting mission.  Thank you, With Nature’s Creative, Intelligent Love, -pH


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