Golden Eagle, Alex – Galaxy Guardian No. 3

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Meet Golden Eagle, Alex, our Galaxy Guardian No. 3.  UPDATE – This fabulous piece now has a home!

18″ x 24″ Oil on Canvas. Embellished with what I call Nature’s Love Dust, Natural Earth Paint with Walnut Oil.  To me, Nature is our Gold.

The golden eagle represents some very necessary medicine our species needs for this Earth Day 2018.  Golden to represent beyond American bald Eagle, as this is a global situation, and golden to inspire us to consider cherishing our life source, Earth and Nature as a whole, more than our material possessions.  In medicine terms, the Eagle represents a much broader perspective, serves as a great protector, and models respect and efficiency. We have much to learn from Eagles. It is theorized that Eagles survived from the dinosaur era, also.  Like our first guardians, the Sea Turtles, they have been here much longer than we have.

He is named Alex, the Greek name for great defender and protector. He is also named after my son, who is most likely to be very angry I did this – however, I claim my “mom card.” He has the higher perspective, served as our defender and protector with the US Army, and now continuing this through his studies at Ohio State University. As an OSU Alumni, I am beyond ecstatic, to say the least.

I offer Golden Eagle Alex as your next Galaxy Guardian, reminding you that Nature is our Gold, and that it is safe to embrace a higher perspective, seek protective and more sensible solutions more aligned with our planet. This begins through creating a deeper sensory connection with our Life source, Earth.

Godspeed to us all. Soar in knowing Nature’s Creative Intelligent Love,  pH

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