Mona Hugs

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18×24, Original Oil on Canvas, framed in a custom crafted island barnwood frame (by Erickson Woodworking/Custom Homes).   (Natural Earth Pigments with Walnut Oil, with a semi-gloss varnish).

Portrait of an Adopted Camel on San Juan Island.  It was love at first sight for Pam, and for many others who first journey to San Juan Island off Roche Harbor Road, and spot the amazing sight of this random camel, greeting people as they drive by who are taking notice. Pam doesn’t feed her, but delights in getting close to her and hugging her – Mona is huggable and very loving – for those who trust, yet approach with respect.

Mona was adopted by Steve and Corina King, and her beautiful story by 4th generation islander, Paula Sundstrom, can be found on Mona even has her own website at

This soft piece, created with earth pigments and walnut oil, portrays the artist’s deep affection for both Mona, and the hugs she gave Pam, and the hugs the island did also.


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