Purity – White Peony, 36×36 Original Oil on Canvas

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“Purity – White Peony” 36×36 Original Oil on Canvas

Stretching boundaries in this bold work in whites, while holding to her flowing strokes and contrasts, the artist dives into the purity and peacefulness that a White Peony presents to her. This work is more of her exploration with her new Natural Earth Pigments and Walnut Oil as part of her healing journey.

She loaded a video of first layer, created with the Natural Earth Pigments and an acrylic base.  This is how Pam begins her works. She was occasionally looking at a photo on her cell phone that she took of the white peony she observed.


Purity’s beginning: Here, I am sharing with you how my canvasses begin. I use Natural Earth Paint pigments to mix my own paint. Here, I started with mixing the powder pigments with an acrylic medium in order to get my thoughts down on the canvas. I stared at the white space of this canvas for several weeks, then was graced with a beautiful white peony encounter. Once this dried I completed the piece over the course of a couple of days with the pigments mixed with walnut oil. The finished work is 36×36, Oil on Canvas

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