Tulip Garden II, Renewal

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“Tulip Garden II, Renewal”  30×42 – Oil on Up-cycled Canvas on wood panel.  A bright and strong piece visually, and physically as the wood panel is thick and sturdy.

Back in 1997, Pam discovered a comfortable style within her art with a piece titled Tulip Garden, back when she lived in Ohio. After years of living in South Florida, and then becoming whole in her renewed life back with tulips on San Juan Island, and transitioning from her challenges with breast cancer during her second year living on the island full time, she sensed it was time to re-visit her approach and feeling with tulips. Painted on a gifted old wood with canvas piece given to her by a neighbor who passed recently, she senses deeply her growth as an artist, emergence into the new chapters with lessons from the old ones through this potent work which she was finally able to complete after her third surgery in her healing process.


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