Galaxy Guardians Art Series Inspiring Positive Action and Hope for Earth Day 2018

Greetings fellow Earth travelers! I finally did it!  I created the Galaxy Guardians Series as my inspiration for an amazing 2018 Earth Day, and every day moving forward, to simply begin being a part of the solution by reconnecting consciously to Nature and sensing the oneness, creative intelligence, and experience Nature as LOVE.  Who connects with […]

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Galaxy Guardians No. 2, Meet Lovely Venus the Octopus

Galaxy Guardians, climate action art, nature recovery, pamela hoke, nature artist, original art, earth day

Can’t help but think of Stevie Wonder singing “Isn’t she lovely…” Meet Venus, your second guardian to help you feel supported, nurtured, and yes, intelligently empowered to safely re-claim your innate, creatively intelligent, love relationship with Nature.  Upon identifying traits of the octopus, this species exhibits many qualities we all aim for, in particular intelligence, […]

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