Finding peace amidst chaos in the “Cozy Nest”

"Cozy Nest" 24x34 Original Earth Paint with Non-toxic Acrylic Base medium on Rice Paper

“Cozy Nest” 24×34 Original Earth Paint with Non-toxic Acrylic Base medium on Rice Paper

So, I am trying to write more often.

It takes time, and yes, courage – at least for me it does, because I desire to share meaningful words that provide something to you for your precious moments.

My natural-self recovery process has been full of twists and turns, and full of “stories.”

“Stories” as in old ideas that somehow became implanted into my consciousness, yet  no longer serve me, or others.  The common narrative of late seems to be of a quest to find peace amidst a growing chaos of our modern ways.  What I also sense, and hear from so many, is that need to escape, that inner wanting for something “more,” yet the strongest is that yearning to run back to the safety of our “nests,” wherever that may be.

“Cozy Nest” is all about finding comfort and warmth amidst darkness – the serene, soft colorful Robin’s eggs express my joy and serenity every time I have ever encountered these beautiful eggs.  How does the brownish yellow Robin birth such a softly bright color of egg, any of the other birds that create such beauty to symbolize the safe haven for the life that is growing within those eggs?  The darkness surrounding, with the warmth and strength that comes from the creative formation of a nest, where the eggs get to sit peacefully with life brimming within.  A safe place to grow.  I am always amazed at the creativity and ingenuity that goes into the building of a nest, and it only tells me that all natural beings are creative – that humans are not the only species with this capacity.  It places me at one with Nature when I sense the unity with it, the identification with it, and safe haven I experience knowing I am part of it all, as long as I consciously allow myself to sense it fully, deeply.

When life throws me challenges, which amidst all the wonderful things happening, there are challenges.  I become inspired and empowered to finish the “Cozy Nest,” knowing and trusting in my oneness and peace that I find anywhere in Nature.

This has become yet another personal triumph for me in my journey with my new medium with Earth Paints,  my new attitudes toward life and others, and my new surroundings.  It brings me into so much gratitude that I sense it, and have a tools to find peace and calmness amidst chaos, the “cozy nest” of my mind connected to my life source.

I breathe slowly as I roll the soft blues onto the eggs, and lay light metallic gold accents along the tops to symbolize how precious life is, each small thing, such as the smallness of these eggs in reality.  In reality, they are about 1 inch long, in this painting, they are about 9 inches long.  I love continuing in my contemporary exaggerations that become surreal, yet an entrancing way of expressing the natural flow of life.  The escape to the “cozy nest” of the mind, and yes, the heart and hopefully, a cozy physical shelter – a primal human need.

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Custom 8×10 print of Cozy Nest, $25

Please consider bringing “Cozy Nest” into your nest.  For a limited time, I am offering customized giclee’ prints stretched on canvas, or outdoor-style giclee’ prints laquered on a wood panel with a gorgeous driftwood frame to place outside your nest, your safe haven of solace and peace amidst the chaos.  In staying open to suggestions, I had a few friends suggest creating an option for customized prints – so, let’s give that a whirl.  I will keep these limited, however, and I am open to suggestions!   I must say, however, nothing exemplifies the gold shimmers that shine from the original.  I gently stroked in and rubbed the metallic natural gold metallic powder on highlights – because as you all know, Nature is gold to me!

Thank you all!

In Nature’s Intelligent, Creative Love, -pH



Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 7.46.01 AMPlease click here to order your customized copies of “Cozy Nest”  $25

16×20 Canvas Giclee – Limited Edition, 50:  $150

Original: Raw Rice Paper, 24×34 unframed: $400, or framed in large shadow-box style oak frame: $600

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