Limited Spots to order a Custom Holiday Pet Portrait, and with a Fundraising Match Discount

custom painted holiday pet portrait by Nature Artist, Pamela HokeGreetings!   Wow, so much has happened since I last posted, yet want to get right to the excitement of me getting back to my yearly holiday elf-work.   Each year, I try to offer a special gift-giving opportunity through custom art.  This year, I am offering a limited amount of pet portraits (I estimate my max to be 20, pending sizes ordered), as my natural self always reminds me I am merely one human being.

Beyond these works being painted with my new mediums mixed with Natural Earth Paints, I am also matching your donation to one of two non-profit organizations near my heart who help our fellow earth-beings.

Please, jump on this exclusive, limited opportunity to give yourself or a loved one the most heartfelt of gifts – a passionately painted pet portrait by a known Nature Artist and Ecotherapy Specialist, me!  Most of you know that I  “know” animals.   Upon a full browse through my website here, my Square store, or a google search, it is quite evident I have  devoted my entire art career to nature-connected art, and sharing with others the importance of having a deep relationship with nature. My portraits work spans through all species of fish, flora and fauna, and I personally assure you a passionately potent, intimately created original of you or your loved ones’ special friends.

Special Holiday Rates:

  • $175 (or $150 w/Fundraising Match: $125 with receipt of  $25 donation to APSFH or TCWC) :   11×14 Watercolor on Paper, OR 8×10 Oil on Canvas
  • $225 (or, $200 w/Fundraising Match: $125 with receipt of  $25 donation to APSFH or TCWC):  16×20 Watercolor on Paper, OR 11×14 Oil Canvas.
  • Other Custom Size?  Call me, and let’s discuss: (360) 378-2834.  Or e-mail.

Square VISA MC AMEXNOTE: Animal Fundraiser Match! SAVE an ADDITIONAL $25 by donating $25 to:

  1.  WA – The Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor WA OR,
  2. FL – Treasure Coast Wildlife Center in Palm City, FL,   E-mail me your donation receipt to them (if you can, please note that I sent you), and I will match your donation – all you have to do is choose one of the Fundraising Match options on my Square Store secure purchase options – click here.

Over the years, I have really worked on my deeper relationship with the Natural World, and each moment I gain an increasing knowledge from Nature through a heightened sensory awareness and passion for all natural beings as part of the whole. My years of passionate nature art and mission to share how art and nature become the ultimate muse and escape hatch from our stressed-out modern cultures gleams through my many animal personality portraits – from rescued wildlife to domestic fish and fauna. For now, please claim your portrait spot now to  seize this limited opportunity to give the most heartwarming of gifts.  Then please e-mail me your thoughts, photos, and share a personal experience or adventure you have enjoyed with the special friend you would like me to paint for you.  You can also call my studio: (360) 378-2834.

Happy Holidays, fellow lovers of the Natural World!   Island Hugs, -pH

Please check out my SQUARE STORE PAGE, my FACEBOOK Page to see more animal portraits, and updates on this holiday special!

custom painted pet portraits ollie_closeAlex's Hermit Crabs, pet portrait Watercolor by Pamela Hoke cat pet portrait andre_lmcdesign hokepburtonk_neal phokeorgpsycharticle1

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