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Galaxy Guardians No. 2, Meet Lovely Venus the Octopus

Can’t help but think of Stevie Wonder singing “Isn’t she lovely…”

Meet Venus, your second guardian to help you feel supported, nurtured, and yes, intelligently empowered to safely re-claim your innate, creatively intelligent, love relationship with Nature.  Upon identifying traits of the octopus, this species exhibits many qualities we all aim for, in particular intelligence, creative escape artists they are – many mothers of this species make the absolute ultimate sacrifice for their young: they die for them.  Venus is here to inspire us with the qualities of the octopus and what they teach us, and, of course, how important they are to the survival of our oceans – which, in turn, the survival of our oceans affect our survival.  If you really step back and think about all this, Nature is our our life source, so isn’t the sane, mature thing to do is to respect it, love it, protect it?  It seems to me it is no longer an “environmental vs. economy” issue, yet a “mental” issue around our thinking about our survival as a species…to mature ourselves enough to shift our minds and feel and sense our life source deeply as Love.

This is my aim with the Galaxy Guardians Series, and so thrilled to be able to introduce these works just in time for Earth Day 2018.  In particular, starting with my Sea dreams connected to our galaxy as this year’s theme for Earth Day is all about plastic pollution – which is destroying our Oceans (let alone us with the carcinogens).

If you haven’t made the connection to the fact the sicker our oceans become, the sicker we become, I suggest you visit Mission Blue, founded by author Sylvia Earle.   Also, check out Carl Safina, as he will help you connect even deeper.  I have a long list of authors, yet these are the two I follow closely when it comes to our oceans.  I quote them often in my book, Natural Self Discovery.

More to come!

Let’s walk are talk together – let’s fully recover our relationship with our planet, with Nature, with our galaxy.

Please support the launch of Galaxy Guardians by indulging in bringing one of my guardian portraits into your realm on the planet.  These are the first two – and to me, yes, Venus here is so lovely – doesn’t she make having a close relationship with Nature almost sexy, alluring, sensual in a pure way?   Perhaps that is just me…  In Nature’s Creative Love and Wisdom, -PH

Enjoy my finishing this piece, and my message and mission…

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