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Embrace Magnolia Blooms as Love

Magnolia Blooms, with Nature’s Love Dust – yes, pollen, although our minds tell us pollen causes allergies, etc…perhaps if we sit back and really think about what pollen is all about.  It is about Nature lovingly keeping the cycle of life going for us.  Swirling, mesmerizing – with my metallic gold love dust made with Natural Earth Paint and Walnut oil.

Without pollen spreading around our planet, we would cease to exist.  So yes, pollen is love.

And the obvious beauty, elegant presence of magnolia trees blooming can ignite all senses and take us to that happy place of the “real” life story that happens in Nature – perhaps some relief from the modern human story life for just few moments of escape.  We can pause, we can breathe (perhaps establishing a peace with our relationship with pollen and telling our bodies to stop fighting it?), and perhaps begin a balanced way of thinking…

Who knows? Anything is possible once we being our recovery of our deep love and feeling of oneness with our Life Source, Nature:)  Knowing Nature, is really Knowing Love.

Please enjoy  Magnolia Blooms… The original is still available (framed in San Juan Island Barnwood, for a rustic meets elegant look and feel).  Balance – we can safely embrace our modern life with our natural life now.

2 thoughts on “Embrace Magnolia Blooms as Love

  1. Hi Pamela.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork. Do you only use the natural earth paint materials in your art? I am thinking about switching from acrylic to the natural earth paints. Thank you.
    Kind greetings

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