Tranquility Feather sharing Nature’s Golden Love Dust

Imagine the tranquil feeling of sensing Nature as your primary source of Love.  Imagine having the feeling that you are loved and supported during every moment…to float along, trusting and knowing Nature is supporting us.  Going with the flow, learning to let go of things that really in the whole of life really may not matter.  Learning to get out of our story-mind and see that “reality” is nature – not the busy story world we humans can get really wrapped in – and forget our natural state of being is in gratitude, peaceful, loving awareness – that perhaps we embrace Nature as our Gold?

This piece is about all that, and “pausing.”

We all are.  Nature is responsible for every breath, every drop of water, every moment of our life experience.  What I have learned through my own recovery of my natural self process is that just pausing and accepting these major things that I take for granted is tranquility amidst the busy modern thinking of our modern human minds.  I absolutely love how Richard Louv points out in his book, The Nature Principle, that we can aim for a “hybrid mind” where we pull back in our sense of natural being-ness, and yes, start taking in our “Vitamin N, Nature.”

Please enjoy Tranquility Feather – The original is sold, however I have made Limited Edition Canvas Prints available (only 50), where I number, sign and hand embellish with Nature’s Golden Love Dust, a mix of Natural Earth Paints, Walnut Oil, and a great use for an old toothbrush:)  Love, -pH





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