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Galaxy Guardians 1, Sea Turtles

Join me on this adventure of sharing my dreams of our next frontier with Earth…

The Galaxy Guardians Series is a culmination of my life work creating art that beckons for a deeper emotional connection with Nature.  I am absolutely thrilled to finally be able to create these works, and share them as my personal solution to discovery peace amidst some very odd times our world is experiencing.
Sea Turtles is the first because, well, they were here on this planet first!  They are the oldest species on our planet now at about 150 million years here, and, it seems to me that they have much they could teach us if only we could pull ourselves out of our human superiority complex and actually sense what they know, feel, and do to survive that long.
I currently have 12 more Galaxy Guardian works in progress, from Land, Sea and Sky, with plans to flow more as Natural Attractions, and you, as my fellow human tribe, call me to do so.  Next are Dolphins, Orcas, the Humpback Whale, Yellowfin Tuna and Starfish in the Sea realm, with Wolves, Grizzly Bear, Elephant, Gorilla and Tiger in the Land realm, and Owl, Hawk and Eagle for Sky realm.  We get to see where we go from there.  I would be delighted to receive suggestions of your connections to which living beings help you sense Nature’s oneness. 

Let’s celebrate Earth Day 2018 feeling nurtured by nature within ourselves first…empowered to share and align as a species.
You are invited to join me on this adventure of discovering within ourselves a Natural balance…
Rekindling our OWN kinship with Nature.  How can we promote change unless we are sensing the change within ourselves first?  To me it’s a win-win.  Meet our Galaxy Guardians… a series of paintings derived from years of dreams that I have had within my own discovery of my Natural Self.   How Nature, as our primal Life Source (hello, we don’t exist without it) does support us, teach us, loves us, nurtures us…only when we allow it to.  Whatever faith you have, it does not matter here – this is about direct, authentic, sensory connection with the tangible sense of oneness with the Universe.  In Nature, there are no words, labels, acronyms, or stories.  Nature is our most tangible, purest source to learn natural, creative, intelligent, and mature love – what a concept for our next frontier (or maturity) as a species.
Hello, my name is Pam, and I have been on a life journey of solving that mysterious question of our species cannot seem to figure out an authentic balance in our minds.  I have been drawing and painting Nature for as long as I can remember, my adult career life has been an adventurously challenging endeavor to discover my own balance – my own peace.  If you are seeking a more balanced, loving relationship with Nature, yourself, and ability to share it others for a more satisfying life experience, then please sign up for updates, or indulge in one of the Limited Edition Prints or Small Matte Prints available.  Soon, the revised version of my book, Natural Self Discovery (1st edition on Amazon, yet, I have edited it significantly over the past few years) will be available in time for Earth Day.
Let’s Walk our Talk together.  Let’s learn how to balance our modern minds with our natural minds.
Thank you for visiting and sharing Nature’s Love!
Always, In Nature’s Creative Love and Wisdom, Pam Hoke

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