A special offer 12/7-12/10

iris paintings, pamela hoke

To celebrate 2018, and aim for an even more epic 2019, I am excited to offer select originals at 40% off this weekend.  Which means, yes, delivery in time for the holidays.  PLEASE SCROLL DOWN for the LINKS AND SPECIAL PRICES BELOW THE summary image GALLERY.  Thank you to all for participating in such an wonderful creative growth spurt with me, and I hope you seize this opportunity to allow my nature art into your world to soothe and inspire.


Thank you!  Happy Holidays!

Here are the originals offered at 40% through Monday, December 10th.  Enjoy!  Love, pH

Magnolia Blooms

Pink and Purple Iris

Rays of Sunflowers

Northern Lights

Golden Butterfly

 Gingko Love

Maple Journey

Full Moon Feather

Full Moonflower

Hope Floats

Galaxy Guardian No 2, Octopus Venus

Luscious Iris