Freed Spirit, Original Oil on Canvas

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This original has floated it’s way to a new home!  Only limited edition canvas prints will be available.  Love, pH

“Freed Spirit” Earth Pigments with Walnut Oil on 18×32 canvas, naturally framed in San Juan Island Driftwood

A pure, simple flow of the artist expressing what feathers mean to me, while playing with the subtle hues that occur with whites and the flow and intricacies of a feather. It also is a work I created to help in grieving the loss of loved ones and life challenges, to remind her to keep things light, and celebrate all of life as a spiritual experience, and sense all spirits continue to flow through the Universe in the form of energy. This feeling process, and wholeness with Nature is part of my years of research in nature therapy and in my book, Natural Self Discovery on Amazon.

Light, breathing freedom can live on your wall.


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