Pamela Hoke

Knowing Nature is knowing love…

Love is Life…   Life is Love…Nature is both.

I paint natural attractions larger than life because Nature is life!  Without nature we cannot exist.   I feel there is no other way to experience life’s beautiful adventure unless it involves a deep kinship with Nature that opens the channel to a creatively intelligent, loving, sensory experience – and, creates the fulfilling, purposeful life we all seek.

I sense Nature’s intelligent, creative wisdom through intense experiences with natural moments, and flow these sensory moments into my artwork and writing.  The macro views, sensuous strokes and contrasting colors are my way of expressing the deep experiences I have when fully plugged into nature and art.  My desire is to inspire you to pause…to rekindle your kinship with Nature so that you may find serenity and a sense of oneness with the whole of life, and serenity, no matter what is going on around you!  

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In Nature’s Intelligent, Creative Love,  -pH


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