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To me, knowing Nature IS knowing LOVE, period.  I draw, paint, and write about my own personal expressions and experiences about how I allow Nature into my heart, mind and spirit.  I have spent my entire life career moving towards a more balanced life in harmony with Nature, myself and others, and simply meet each precious day on this fabulous planet as an opportunity to contribute what I can.  Please browse through, and hope you will consider joining me on this journey of natural self discovery!  Love, pH


Welcome to my new Studio and Terrace Top Gallery location.  1 N Front Street E3.  I am so fortunate to have been invited to this exclusive location overlooking the ferry landing in quaint Friday Harbor, WA.  It is inspiring my creating more that I could have ever dreamed.  If you are in the PNW, I hope to have the privilege of a visit!

Galaxy Guardians’ Series well under way, with No. 1, Sea Turtles, and No. 3, Golden Eagle SOLD.  No. 2, Octopus Venus still available, and Limited Edition Canvas Prints now available.  Only 25 of each size will be created on canvasses, all unique as I hand embellish, sign, and number each one!    I hope you bring a part of Galaxy Guardians series into your world, and share in the oneness with Nature, and Nature’s Love that each piece aims to help inspire us to experience each day. In addition, 10% of proceeds will be issued to a chosen non-profit organization that assists the natural beings represented in each one of the series.

Please sign up for updates at the bottom of this page, visit the full post “Artist Launches Galaxy Guardians Painting Series Inspiring Hope. ”  This post lists ways you can support this life-long project, by indulging in becoming a sponsor of one of the Guardians by investing in the original artworks, or choosing one of the affordable print options to make sure all can enjoy! These are going to be limited  Love, pH

Knowing Nature is knowing love…

Pamela HokeLove is Life…   Life is Love…Nature is both.

I paint natural attractions larger than life because Nature is life!  Without nature we cannot exist.   I have concluded, having grown up witnessing the rise of our technology era, and the imbalance that has resulted from it, that there is no other way to experience life’s beautiful adventure unless it involves a path towards including a balanced, deep kinship with Nature.  To me, this is the next frontier, the new responsibility for modern humanity as a species: to recover the natural selves we have lost, and tap back into a creatively intelligent, sensible loving, sensory life experience, balancing our modern minds with our natural minds. We can decide as individuals to discover our own freedom regardless of what others are doing to at least create the fulfilling, purposeful life experience we all desire while we are here.  Hopefully some of us do “get it,” and unite as the passengers on the planet we are.  I guess I am what may be called a Climate Change Artist, yet I prefer simply Nature Artist – yet, in Nature, labels do not matter, I am here to simply create and share Nature’s Love and Wisdom however I can.  

I sense Nature’s intelligent, creative wisdom deeply, through intense experiences with natural moments and in my dreams.  I flow these sensory moments into my artworks.  The macro views, sensuous strokes and contrasting colors are my way of expressing the deep experiences I have when fully plugged into nature and art.  My desire is to inspire you to pause…and sense that innate desire to rekindle your kinship, your natural loving relationship with Nature, feel the oneness with your life source,  so that you may find serenity and a sense of purpose with the whole of life, and serenity, no matter what is going on around you! 

If you feel a connection to my work and mission…Please share with friends, and consider diving further and join me on this journey of Natural Self Discovery and Recovery with Nature…

Thank you for taking time to visit my website you for supporting my life mission of sharing how we can recover our emotional, physical and spiritual connection with Nature through my art, writings, and research.

Always, in Nature’s Intelligent, Creative Love,  -pH

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