Pamela Hoke, Nature Artist

Greetings nature fellows!

I’m Pamela Hoke, a passionate painter of nature, conceptual brand designer, and nature therapy guide.  Thank you for visiting my site, and it is my hope that my art or sharing of my lifetime journey of discovering my natural self inspires your day.  Please enjoy perusing and do not hesitate to or e-mail me or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

I guess you could consider me quite the oxymoron, misfit in mainstream society, etc…why? I live, eat and breathe art and nature (making me that free-spirited arsty-fartsy type and tree hugging nature lover), yet also very much a business-minded marketer (so I wear quite the determined capitalist and communications hat).  My life path has been to learn how to balance all my talents and business skills acquired during my odd life adventures, and interesting, yet at times challenging life experience in my 45 years here on earth. Now in mid-career, I seem to be getting better at wearing my three hats comfortably, always aiming to stay respectful of others and the life source that makes it all possible, nature and the universe’s intention for my existence. I will admit, I have  the occasional slip in losing that balance here and there..but, hey, that’s the beauty of being human, and living the human experience in the short time on here on this earth!   My stance is we are of 8 billion fellow human inhabitants here on this planet, and we’re all simply trying to find our way, learn our lessons and enjoy the amazing journey of life we tend to take for granted.  I have always sensed to stay on a path as a voice for nature and art, and a voice for humans to be their natural selves – in both their personal and business endeavors, that’s pretty much it.  My stance is that modern society has numbed our inborn creativity and love for nature, and feel my role is to just be here and available as called upon to help others get back in touch with their natural selves.

Please enjoy this art video I published in 2010

PNC_NatureTherapy_PhDCandMy entire adult life has been wrapped around these two missions through my art and design careers, time teaching art,  and recently as an organic therapy guide and author. (Curious about this? Check out my book on Amazon, Natural Self Discovery). In mid-life and career phase,  I am thrilled to sense I am learning more each day on how to keep an even more balanced view.  This wisdom could only have been obtained through the amazing opportunities and endeavors I have been granted with.  I have over 17 solid years of the hard knock reality lessons of being an entrepreneur. My wild horse spirit has led me through an exceptional journey in both my professional career and personal recovery. I offer my organically creative approach to business branding (I have created and consulted the foundation of over 250 brands), unique artistic expression of the natural world, and share openly my journey in what I term Organic Recovery, or Nature Therapy, which  has helped me to catapult into a clearer path towards ultimate life balance and purpose. My theory is this: Keeping a balanced connection with nature (our life source and ultimate teacher) and connected with fellow humans of like-mindedness, keeps us in tune with our natural selves, our inborn intelligences and creativity, so that we may reach our full potential while being happy. Yes, happy…we were brought on this earth to enjoy it!

I’m all about natural attraction, so, if you find yourself naturally attracted to doing so, please indulge by perusing, and stay in touch! I hope you will enjoy my drawings, paintings , and adventures with nature with rescued wildlife (and how they rescue me right back), and perhaps consider bringing this inspiring nature art into your life and homes. I also hope you will consider me as your source for the most organic, genuine conceptual branding and design services – I don’t bullshit around in this arena.  Then, should you dare, explore my journey into organic recovery and learn how my experience might help you in your life journey.  

Always in nature’s creative intelligence and balanced love, pH

So, here are my 3 hats:   Nature Artist, Nature Therapy Guide, and Brand Designer.  I am here to serve and inspire…how may I help you?



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